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Information and Rules



Friday 27th  Race Headquarters, Hendre Hall, Tal y Bont, Bangor LL57 3YP


7pm – 8pm Registration, collect race number, leave drop bags, eat pasta and cake

8pm – Briefing  


Attendance is compulsory for first time V3K runners,  registration finishes at 9pm we dont have the facilities to register anyone before the bus leaves at 4am on Saturday morning,


Saturday 27th June


4am - Buses leave Race Headquarters to take you to the start at Nant Gwynant.

5am – Race start at Nant Gwynant car park SH 627 506


3pm Cut off at Glen Dena




You must be able to show that you have completed at least two races in the last 24 months with at least 50km climb per km and at least 30km long. If you cannot show this but feel you do have adecquate experience please email before entry.


If you have completed V3K in previous years then you automatically qualify, please give the year(s) that you raced


COMPETITORS’ RACE CONDUCT - While racing, competitors must abide by the following rules, failure to do so will result in penalties or disqualification:

a.Competitors must not throw waste during the race other than in bins provided at aid stations.

b.Competitors may retire on their own initiative or be forced to retire by the Race Director or one of the medical staff present.

c.Retirement (on own initiative or forced) must take place at aid stations and according to the procedure described during race briefing unless in extreme circumstances, if you must retire you MUST notify the officials by telephone (and the nearest check-point marshal, if appropriate) before you leave the area.

e.Competitors must follow instructions given by checkpoint officials (to add an item of clothing, or the procedure to follow if the race is cancelled, etc.).

f.Competitors must give assistance to fellow competitors who may be injured or distressed. The jury will take into account the time spent on this assistance.

g.The race director or a checkpoint official may compel competitors, at any point on the route, to wear their windbreakers, headgear or any other item of compulsory clothing or equipment.


A penalty of from three minutes to disqualification will be applied for:

Dropping litter.

Receiving any assistance in unauthorised areas (not at specified points such as aid stations)

Not following the race course signage, voluntarily or otherwise

The bib is not on view or has been tampered with

False starts

Unsportsmanlike behaviour –not assisting another competitor in need of help

Not carrying or using the material required

Not adhering to a plant based diet

Dogs or any other species running companion are prohibited (including human)




In the event of an emergency, ring 999, ask for police and then ask for mountain rescue. Give exact location (grid reference) to phone operator. Then contact race organisers.


Mountain Distress Signal: The standard distress signal is six sharp whistle blasts (or torch flashes) followed by a one minute silence, repeated.


Be able to recognize the signs of hypothermia and hypoglycemia in yourself and group members.


Hypothermia: not responding to conversation; uncoordinated movement and speech; inability to think clearly; wanting to carry on in adverse conditions; skin cold where normally warm, such as under armpit. Immediate action: wrap in warm clothing.


Hypoglycemia: confusion, ill co-ordinated movement and speech; weakness, hunger. Immediate action: drink glucose solution or suck sweets.





Entrants must adhere to a vegan diet for the race. We can offer support and guidance for anybody who may be daunted by this, though it is much easier than you think! Vegan diets are considered by some to help endurance athletes, so we hope it will be a great way for non vegans to see improvements! Please contact vegan_3000s@live.co.uk for more information. We recommend that participants experiment with nutrition on some long runs before tackling V3K Ultra. Vegan diets abstain from consuming any animal products including honey, eggs, meat, fish and dairy.


Mandatory kit


Mobile phone with a fully charged battery (and spares if possible).


Waterproof full body cover, hat, gloves etc., map, compass, whistle, first aid kit, emergency foil blanket or bivi bag, emergency vegan food, spare warm clothes in bags for rest stops, head torch with new batteries.


Please test all your kit before you race, there will be spot checks at registration and during the event.


Drop Bag: You have the option of having two bags of food, spare clothes etc carried to you for each rest point. Please label your bags with your name, race number and Aid Station name (Nant Peris or Ogwen). If bags have not been labelled we will not be able to get them to you when you need them. Bags will be rturned to race headquarters when the aid station is stood down.


A gpx file of the route has been supplied. You can view this file by downloading then going to http://www.bikehike.co.uk/mapview.php and using the “load route” option.


The cut off time for starting the Carneddau section is 15.00


You will receive a laminated contact sheet of support crew’s contact details at registration. Please keep this with you at all times.


If you have decided not to attend please let us know ASAP


Final note


The rules may seem onerous but our primary goal is for everyone to have a fun, exhilarating and safe day in the mountains. Please stick to the rules, look after each other and respect the hills.


Let’s all look after each other and stay safe!